Meet Dr. Cisse Spragins

Cisse-croppedDr. Cisse Spragins is the Libertarian candidate for Missouri Governor in 2016. Dr. Spragins is an entrepreneur and business owner who develops, manufactures, and markets formulated products for the industrial and consumer markets. She is a native of Jackson, Tennessee, and received her PhD from the University of Wisconsin. Cisse started her business in Minneapolis in 1998 and relocated to Kansas City in 2004. Dr. Spragins has been a long time and active member of the Libertarian Party, and served the chair of Missouri Libertarian Party from 2010-2015. Her over-arching goal is to reduce the size, scope and power of the government at all levels.

Libertarians want peace, love and prosperity. Liberty is a necessary condition for all three. The opposite of liberty is force. Government is just a monopoly on the use of force in a certain jurisdiction. Forcing someone to take an action or to accept a viewpoint does not create peace and love — and neither does taking their lpmo_logo_white_50
property at gunpoint. Prosperity is created when parties voluntarily contract and exchange with one another. The “voluntary” part ensures that both parties are better off as a result of the transaction. Injecting force into the equation through government interference in trade diminishes prosperity, which creates human suffering. Liberty is a moral imperative.